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DIY stainless steel cable railing systems assembly kits

Cables are ready-to-install in your deck, balcony, stairs or other DIY cable railing projects

All stainless steel cable railing assemblies come with cable railing hardware fittings for both ends of your cable run, all washers and fasteners necessary, 1/8" or 3/16" diameter Type 316 stainless steel cable, and instructions. DIY cable railing assemblies come in cable length increments of 5 feet to 50 ft. You will cut the cables to their proper lengths on site.

 Cable assembly kits for metal end posts (PDF file)

 Cable assembly kits for wood end posts (PDF file)


It's easy to order

Step 1.
Determine your cable railing frame materials, wood or metal and the thickness of your end posts (posts to which tensioning and other mounting hardware will be attached).


Step 2.
Determine what types of runs your project requires (where your cables will be mounted to the end posts: inside or outside).


Step 3.
Select the kits and lengths that will work for your project. Be sure you have at least 6" more cable than you need for each run.


Step 4.
Call us and place your order! We will ship your 1/8" cable assembly kits in 5 business days after order is received.
3/16" cable assembly kits may take a little longer.

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