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Invisiware® Receiver

Field-installed Push-Lock fittings make cable railings easy to install on level runs or stairs.

No field swaging

Push-Lock fittings are designed for use with 1x19 L.H. lay strand only. They can be used with any tensioning device on the other end... but when used with our swageless tensioners (pages 6-7) both ends can be put on the cable by hand without any swaging or special tools.

pushlock-alt-imageEasy to install

You can order your cables with a tensioner already on one end or you can install atensioner on one end on site. Attach the tensioner on one end post, then cut thecable to length based on the Push-Lock™ fitting being used for the job. Push thecable into the Push-Lock™ fitting, tension the cable, and you’re done!


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