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Here are the features that set the Ultra-tec® Cable Railings System apart from the others:

Hardware Designed Especially for Cable Railings

Prior to the Ultra-tec® System, marine and industrial hardware was all that was available. Many of these products have sharp edges, uneven hand-crimped shanks, exposed nuts and other unattractive features.

Now, with Ultra-tec® tensioners and mounting hardware, you have percision machined, sleek stainless steel fittings that are attractive and easy to install. They are suitable for metal-framed railings and wood. Some can even be concealed inside the end-posts, so there is nothing to interfere with the view through the railing. With our swageless fittings, the hardware can be installed by hand, without the need for any special equipment.

Pre-designed Metal Framed Railing Styles for Architects and Fabricators

The Ultra-tec® "Design and Fabrication Guide for Metal Framed Railings" assists design professionals and steel fabricators in designing an attractive cable railing using off-the-shelf materials.

Downloadable drawings are available for the designer to use as they are, or they can be adjusted to his/her own design.

Engineering Data is Available for Ultra-tec® Products

Engineering Data is Available for hardware loads, cable spacing to meet code requirements, thermal effects and some railing frames.

Building a Wood Railing is Made Easier

Our publication "Designing a Wood Railing With Cable as an In-fill" is very helpful to homeowners, contractors and architects who are designing a wood framed railing using cable.

Topics include construction and location of posts, cable choices, spacing of cables on your end posts, how to configure corners and tips on selecting the right hardware for the project.

Local Sources

There are now steel fabricators, deck builders and contractors well qualified to supply metal framed or wood railings in most major locales.

Architects Benefit

Downloadable drawings, basic design information, engineering data and C.S.I. formatted specifications all help the design profesional save time and avoid costly mistakes in designing a beautiful cable railing out of metal or wood.

Homeowner Benefits

Local sources for steel or wood framed railings are available in most areas. You are dealing with a firm close to you, not someone far away.

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