Ultra-tec® Fixed jaw

Often used with our Adjust-A-Jaw® tensioner, because it is shaped to match the clevis end on the Adjust-A-Jaw® tensioner but costs considerably less.

It can be used on level runs and on stairs and severe pitches.
The Ultra-tec® Fixed Jaw also makes an attractive fitting where a high-tech look is desired, where you may wish to see hardware on your railing, or if you are unable to use Invisiware® radius ferrules, Ultra-tec® Clip-on Stops, or Push-Lock™ fittings because there is no access to the back of the end post. You can use our Invisiware® fixed tabs or threaded tabs or lag eyes to mount the Ultra-tec® Fixed Jaw fittings to your end posts. Or you can mount them using flat bar or angle iron welded to your post with holes drilled to accept the clevis. See the tabulated drawing and chart below to determine how this fitting interfaces with your end post.